DASH STRENGTH is our signature strength training class. Reps + sets of focused strength training exercises will safely challenge your body through the principle of overload. Master technique, increase strength, boost metabolism, and track your progress over time. Be your strongest self, regardless of fitness level.

Benefits of DASH classes

CARDIOVASCULAR & RESPIRATORY ENDURANCE /// DASH instructors will help you get the most out of your workouts. By improving your endurance and making other healthy lifestyle choices, you can ensure a healthy heart and a happy life.

COORDINATION /// Coordination is the ability to precisely stay in control of body movements during HIIT workouts, group exercises, and in life as a whole. DASH clients of any age, shape, and size can improve their lifestyle by focusing on improving their coordination.

STRENGTH /// We believe our full-body workouts, which consist of guided compound movements, will help you develop strength at your own pace and build an overall sense of physical and mental toughness.

FLEXIBILITY /// Having high flexibility reduces muscle soreness, decreases risk of injury, increases range of motion, and improves athletic performance. Flexibility is a critical part of any good fitness plan!

POWER /// Power is composed of two traits: strength and speed. Our full-body workouts and experienced fitness trainers will work to maximize your ability to exert instant maximum muscle contraction in explosive bursts of movement during our group fitness classes.

BALANCE /// Balance is the ability to stay upright and in control of one’s body under a variety of conditions, whether that be during a HIIT workout, circuit training, yoga, or any other kind of physical activity.