HIIT, short for High-Intensity Interval Training, is a type of high-energy workout designed to burn fat and build endurance in less time than other forms of exercise. HIIT regimens are typically perceived as routines exclusively created for die-hard fitness aficionados; however, HIIT can be an excellent workout alternative for beginners regardless of fitness levels and goals.

Pros of HIIT

  • Improves stamina and physical performance
  • Burns more calories in a shorter period of time
  • Better at reducing abdominal fat
  • May lower blood pressure and improve heart rate
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Can help increase muscle mass

Benefits of DASH classes

CARDIOVASCULAR & RESPIRATORY ENDURANCE /// DASH instructors will help you get the most out of your workouts. By improving your endurance and making other healthy lifestyle choices, you can ensure a healthy heart and a happy life.

COORDINATION /// Coordination is the ability to precisely stay in control of body movements during HIIT workouts, group exercises, and in life as a whole. DASH clients of any age, shape, and size can improve their lifestyle by focusing on improving their coordination.

STRENGTH /// We believe our full-body workouts, which consist of guided compound movements, will help you develop strength at your own pace and build an overall sense of physical and mental toughness.

FLEXIBILITY /// Having high flexibility reduces muscle soreness, decreases risk of injury, increases range of motion, and improves athletic performance. Flexibility is a critical part of any good fitness plan!

POWER /// Power is composed of two traits: strength and speed. Our full-body workouts and experienced fitness trainers will work to maximize your ability to exert instant maximum muscle contraction in explosive bursts of movement during our group fitness classes.

BALANCE /// Balance is the ability to stay upright and in control of one’s body under a variety of conditions, whether that be during a HIIT workout, circuit training, yoga, or any other kind of physical activity.